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Friday, October 12, 2012

Common causes of ball bearings overheating and failing

Bearings typically overheat when they are improperly lubricated. Improper lubrication can be caused by using a low temperature grease that does not provide enough viscosity for proper operation by allowing for increased friction. Also not re lubricating a bearing can cause it to run hotter than normal by allowing metal to rub against metal and increasing friction and rapidly causing the bearing to overheat. Over greasing can damage a bearing as well. It may cause a seal on a bearing to crack and allow foreign particles into contact with the internal rolling components of a bearing and pit the bearing and or corrode from moisture getting in as well as allowing the grease used to lubricate the inner portion of the bearing to escape the inner compartment of the bearing. XHYZH3X2KYV6 Below are a few pictures over overheated bearings due to improper lubrication.


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